Remember the Kurzweil synthesizer?

This guy Ray Kurzweil is a busy man. In the 80’s he invented one of the first keyboards that could sample a real piano, the Kurzweil K250. Stevie Wonder loved and used it. I grew up in the 80s and I used to love those Keyboards!

Well you can say Kurzweil has moved on since then…. He sold the Keyboard company in 1990.

He’s now one of the leading inventors when it comes to artificial intelligence, he’s written 5 books and is considered one of the leading thinkers when it comes to something called transhumanism

He has a very strong vision about the future where the computes will outsmart humans, and that this eventually lead to human immortality. Some people call him a futurist.

Well this would not mean much to us all if it was not for one fact:

Ray Kurzweil now works as a director of engineering at…. guess what…..


This guy finally has the tools to really fulfill his dream. Think about that the next time you use google translate or send an email with your G-mail account.

So to all of you who still think about Keyboards when you hear the name Kurzweil… Think again!



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