Jeff Price’s message to the streaming services

There is a major problem for songwriters right now when it comes to streaming. The streaming services don’t know who to pay for each song. They can’t pay the songwriters correctly cause there is no infrastructure for it yet.

Now who’s responsible for building it? The songwriters or the streaming services?

Jeff Price, founder of Audiam, TuneCore, and spinART Records knows what he believes, anyway. This is a quote from from a speech at SF MusicTech Summit in 2014:

”If you’re going to use music to sell x-boxes and x-box subscriptions, or raise your market cap, that’s fine!
Just pay on time, and pay accurately. And if you can’t do that, go create your own fuckin’ music.
Oh, it’s hard isn’t it?
Yeah! That’s why music has value!
So invest in the infrastructure if you’re gonna use someone else’s property to make your billions of dollars. And freakin’ pay ‘em.
If you’re not gonna do it, then stop using it!”

Listen to the full speech here! 



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