Music Clout – Technology Didn’t Kill The Music Industry. The Fans Did..

”As artists, we must stand our ground and set the expectation.”

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A question we all should ask ourselves

To quote David Newhoff:

”After all, it isn’t the Hollywood studios who can scan your emails, manipulate the flow of information on the Web, or might one day help develop an autonomous weapon. Pour a glass of wine, take a breath, and ask yourself a very simple question:  If you had to guess who has the greatest capacity to adversely affect your civil rights today, would it be the copyright holders or the data collectors? Cheers.”

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There is still hope!

Many people including David Foster, Quincey Jones and Steve Lukather have expressed thankfulness to these guys. There is still hope for this music industry with talents like this!

The group is called Dirty Loops and I hope that you have not missed them. They are a true youtube phenomenon. Without even releasing an album yet, they have millions of views on Youtube, for their cover versions of already famous song . Their version of ”Baby” (originally by Justin Beiber) has reached 4,5 million views. Not bad for three guys from Stockholm, Sweden. They are now signed to David Fosters label and are working on their first album with original songs.

THIS is their first original song from that album. Released today!